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Billabong Desalination

Billabong Desalination Premium modelThe Billabong desalination unit manufactured by Wimmera Water Solutions is the ultimate solution for producing high quality water. The unit comprises of a control panel (on selected models), anti-scalent dosing pump, sediment pre-filters, high pressure system pump and reverse osmosis membranes mounted in our Premium enclosure or a Budget frame. These membranes act as extremely fine filters, allowing the pure water to pass through but rejecting contaminants such as salt to waste.

Special anti-fouling membranes are used to resist damage and extend the service life of the membranes. The membranes can be cleaned and re-used in a cost effective manner rather than immediate replacement. Each Billabong unit is custom-designed, carefully set up to suit the water quality at each site, and sized to suit the water production needs for each client.

By utilising the latest technology Wimmera Water Solutions can provide a simplified approach to treat poor quality water.

Billabong Desalination Budget modelWater Testing

There are a number of naturally-occurring elements and minerals in water that can cause problems to a desalination unit. Some of these are Calcium, Silica, Strontium, Chlorine, Iodide, Manganese and Iron. A complete analysis of your water is necessary to determine the appropriate pre-treatment required.  The most effective, long-term solution to managing iron and other contaminants in your water involves two steps of pre-treatment and high quality filtration.


Pre-treatment may involve the use of anti-scalent chemicals, reducing agents or water softeners. Anti-scalent chemicals are designed to hold many of the elements and minerals in solution so they can be passed in the reject flow without causing damage to the membrane.

Reducing agents may be used to effectively treat other contaminants, or a fully automatic water softener may be required in some cases. With these measures we able to manage hard water as well as elements such as Iron, Barium, Strontium, Chromium, Aluminium, Lead, and Boron. Not only are many of these elements toxic, they will damage the membrane in the desalination plant, and must be removed.


Billabong Desalination control panelHigh pressure, high performance filters and housings are used in the Billabong desalination unit to ensure the absolute water quality necessary.

Some manufacturers just ship you a unit, and you are on your own after that. Wimmera Water Solutions give you the option of professional installation and commissioning of the units, ensuring that you get the high quality water result that you have been looking for. Through our on-site training and on-going support, you can have confidence that the Billabong desalination unit will deliver on its promises.

Features of the Billabong Desalination unit

  • Manual or Automated operation
  • Compact size
  • Cost effective
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Put a Billabong in your backyard!


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