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Additional Information on Water Tank Accessories

Rainsaver collection kits:maxi tank with rainsaver caps

All of our steel-bodied tanks are supplied with corrugated roofing sheets (unless otherwise requested). This enables Wimmera Water Solutions to offer a unique water catchment system from the roof of the water tank. Patented "Rainsaver" caps are placed at the end of each corrugation to catch the water off the tank. This system can increase your catchment area by over 124 m2 (based on AM3G607). In a 500mm (20") rainfall area, this means an extra 62,700 litres (13,700 gallons) of precious rainwater which would otherwise go to waste.

Dust & vermin protection:

Wimmera Water Solutions can protect your stored water from dust, insects, frogs etc by installing a specially formulated self-adhesive foam strip between the top of the tank wall and under the corrugated roof sheets. This simple but effective option helps ensure your precious water is kept pure.

Anti-vortex fittings:

With the large bore outlets generally used for fire service fittings, the rapid high volume discharge of water can create a whirlpool or vortex effect if standard fittings are used. This reduces the volume of water that can be extracted from the tank. The anti-vortex fitting prevents this whirlpool effect, and ensures that the maximum possible water volume is available to pump out in emergency situations.

First-flush diverters:

When rain falls on a roof it will wash adhering pollutants such as dust, soot and bird manure into the storage tank causing contamination. With leaf debris present, "ponding" of stagnant water in gutters can occur, making matters worse. A first-flush diverter ensures that these contaminants are prevented from entering your tank, assuring you of the cleanest water possible.

We have several designs of first-flush diverter available, based on volume measured or flow rate activated. We help you to choose the right one based on cost and application.




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