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First Flush Diverters

When rain falls on a roof it will wash adhering pollutants such as dust, soot and bird manure into the storage tank causing contamination. With leaf debris present, "ponding" of stagnant water in gutters can occur, making matters worse. A first-flush diverter ensures that these contaminants are prevented from entering your tank, assuring you of the cleanest water possible. Full product details on the Reverse Flow, Horizontal Flow and Vertical Flow First Flush Diverters are available in our online store.

Product Detail - Reverse Flow Diversion ValveFirst flush diverter reverse flow

  • Designed to stop stagnant water in underground pipes entering the stored water
  • Fitted at the riser
  • Available in 90mm, 100mm and 150mm
  • Easy to install - approximately 10 minutes installation time
  • Fully automatic - once the lever is set it will shut and reset automatically
  • Diversion is adjustable - allowing complete control over the quantity of water to be diverted (0-2000 litres)
  • Eliminates sludge by keeping debris out of the tank
  • Internal stainless steel leaf screen
  • Compact - maximum weight when in use is approximately 3kg
  • Backed by a 2 year warranty
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