RB65 Wash Down Gun cold water with swivel (blue) 60lpm @350psi #30.6425.00
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A speciality gun for low pressure wash down work. Ideal for food, dairy & transit mixer applications


  • Low pressure gun with straight jet and adjustable cone from the trigger with adjustable screws to alter cone angle wideness from 0-60°
  • Full body moulded casing with rubber extremities, making the gun shock proof when dropped
  • Cover made of the TPE Forprene, which is resistant to surface agents (acids, detergents, polar solvents & organic grease)
  • Moulded plastic trigger, meaning no exposed parts which could be a burn hazard when using hot water to 90°C
  • Available in traditional blue or red. Colour code your guns for hot and cold for maximum OH&S points
  • Ergonomically designed, with low force trigger to reduce operator strain on wrist and elbow
Inlet:: 1/2” Bsp F
Outlet: 0-60 Nozzle
Performance: 60 l/min., 350 Psi
Temperature: To 50°C
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