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Water Quality

Whether using water in the home for drinking and cooking, in commercial food preparation or in industry, it is essential to have the best quality water possible. Wimmera Water Solutions will work with you to ensure that the water is treated in the most appropriate manner for a cost-effective, high quality solution.


Filtration is used to resolve problems of taste, colour and odour in water supplies. It can be used to remove natural organic molecules, volatile organic compounds, aluminium, chlorine and chlorination by-products, pesticides and most organic chemicals, asbestos and heavy metals. There are a large number of filtration methods available, and we work with you to determine the appropriate method for your situation. Sediment pre-filters, activated carbon filters and membrane filtration (including reverse osmosis) are some of the common processes in use for both domestic and commercial filtration.


The three most common and easily accessible methods of water disinfection are chemical treatment, ultraviolet (UV) light sterilisation, and boiling.

  • Chlorination is the most common chemical treatment. This is effective as either a one-off remedial action, to act on water in a tank at tiUV and filterme of dosing, or on-going treatment by use of a dosing pump to ensure a continuous supply of chlorine.
  • UV light sterilisation can be used to provide continuous assurance of water quality. UV light systems require relatively low maintenance and have the advantage of not involving the addition of chemicals. UV sterilisers are specifically designed for both residential and commercial/industrial applications requiring a 99.99% reduction of bacteria, virus and protozoan cysts (specifically Giardia Lamblia and cryptosporidium). UV light penetrates the cell wall of the micro-organism and destroys it by disrupting the DNA. The treated water remains chemically unchanged, avoiding any adverse effects on human or aquatic life.
  • Boiling water will kill any harmful bacteria, viruses or protozoa, and the boiling does not have to be maintained for any length of time – the use of a kettle with automatic cut-off is sufficient in a domestic situation.
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