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Wimmera Water Solutions have been supporting the Wimmera, Mallee and Western District with ​pumps, pressure washers, and water tanks for more than twenty years.

We are your water management specialists.

Camlock Fittings

Onga Pumps

Camlock Fittings

Premier Galvanised Water Tanks​

If you are looking for a big tank, we supply and install the best. We’ve been installing steel liner tanks for over 30 years, so we know a bit about them. Our partner brand for galvanised steel tanks is now Premier Water Tanks. Find out more here

Poly Water Tanks

Sometimes you need a poly tank. Smaller roof collection, a town block or tight space to fit in, lower water use – or you just prefer poly over steel. There are any number of reasons, and any number of sizes or shapes to suit. Call in and see us or phone to talk about your specific situation – we know that each install is different, and not all tanks are equal. We’ll help you find the best one for you.

Concrete Tank Repairs & Roof Replacement

Concrete tanks may be structurally sound but suffer cracks and leaking due to ground movement. A cost effective solution is to install a poly liner in the tank to provide the waterproofing. With a 10 year guarantee on the liner, your tank can continue to serve for many more years.

​ Unlike crystals or sealants, the food-grade liner will move with the tank, so the leaks won't start again the next time the ground shifts.

​Galvanised steel bands can be placed around the tank to assist with the structural integrity. The liner provides waterproofing only, so the concrete tank structure itself has to be strong enough to hold the force of the water.

A new roof can be fitted to an existing tank to extend the usable lifetime , ensuring continuing water quality. This can be completed in conjunction with a liner installation, or separately (e.g. to replace a wind-damaged or corroded roof).

​ New, hot-dipped galvanised roof trusses are custom-made to fit your tank, and installation of full-length corrugated sheets complete your new tank roof.

Confined Space - Tank and Pit Entry
Our installers are qualified and equipped for confined space entry, so you can be sure we'll get any job done safely.

Pumps & Pressure Washers

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